College parties hard before winter break

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The best thing about going to college is the parties but I dont like the tests. This new daredorm submission combines a party and study..some hot college girls are loving it.


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Birthday Girl

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This time the birthday girl got exactly what she wanted. In this latest submission of DD, a birthday bash for Rosie becomes a sex party. All her friends gave her things like a jump-drive for school, and a hot dog oven, but her boyfriend gave her what she loved most, which is cock. He didn’t intend to give her the present right in the middle of the party, but she wanted it that way. They started fucking right then and there. Rosie couldn’t ask for anything more. Actually she couldn’t ask for anything at that point because his cock was deep in her mouth. This was definitely the craziest group of college students out there….

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Threesome in the Dorm

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Going to night clubs while in college was definitely one of the best times a student could have. But for this group, they decided not to go with the crowd and make a party on their own. Two of the cutest and sexiest brunettes on campus felt really sorry for this one dude that just broke up with his girl, and they wanted him to feel better, so why not a threesome? First they teased the hell out of him. Then they eat each other out while they made him watch, and after a while, they let him fuck both of them back and forth. After this night, that dude was not thinking of his ex, and they were all glad they didn’t go to the club with the rest of the group.

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